Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trying to Explain it to People Part 3 - Co-Workers

I work in Radio.. I love love love love my job... I get the awesome privilege of working on all three sides of Radio.

1. Admin - I am the Executive Admin Assistant in the office and I handle the traffic (not like how the freeway is doing, but the air traffic... what commercials are we going to play and when)
2. Operations - I sit behind the sound board every morning from 9am to noon and I operate said sound board to ensure that each show runs smoothly. Some people call me a producer, some people call me the sound girl. I prefer Audio Engineer... I am most famous for finding the most obscure songs/sound effects to play for a show
3. Talent! - Every Sunday night from 7pm to 10pm I sit on the other side of the board with a pair of headphones and a mic. I am a radio talk show host. its a TON of fun.

Actually all of it is fun! Talk radio is making a BIG comeback (thank you podcasters!) and I am enjoying the ride.

We have some very serious traditions in the office. And they all involve food.... Once a month the boss buys everyone hot dogs. We have a Wienerschnitzel right down the street so she sends someone out to pick up a ton of hot dogs and we all sit around and make very bad wiener jokes while we eat mustard dogs and chilli dogs. :-( It was my favorite since I have about a thousand alternative names for a wiener....

Yes I do!
Sometimes the boss buys pizza and we all sit around and make fun of the guy who hates cheese but loves pizza.

Sometimes the boss buys bagels and we all stand in the kitchen and chit chat over the one two-slice toaster we have while waiting our turn to toast our bagel. The sales guy makes fun of me and the boss for liking lox.

All of these traditions are sacred and dear.... the first few times one of these happened the boss would come into my office and ask why I wasn't in the conference room making bad wiener jokes. After the second or third time of being polite and reminding her of my new dietary restrictions she began to remember.

Now they sneak the food in past my office (which is hard to do since both the front door and the conference room are directly across from my office) or they go sit in the boss's office to eat. She says its because she doesn't want to eat in front of me. I have repeatedly told her that it doesn't bother me... it would be like a Jew going to a Christmas Party and then getting upset when they serve ham.

Please note that we often make lots of bad Jew Jokes. This is because the boss is a jew and she starts it... always

So.... it wasn't hard to get the co-workers on the program. And of course now everyone enjoys watching me suffer through my daily soup. Monday through Friday at noon... I eat soup. Cries of "Soup's on!" and "It's another exciting episode of SOUP!" can be heard echoing the halls.

They get me... really they do!

But I do miss sitting around a greasy pie and talking smack about our competitor and the crazy talent.

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