Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The hidden Fat-Free options

When I first started this journey I thought I was going to have to shop only in the diet section and spend a ton of money. I completely by-passed the regular foods and anything that didn't have fat-free or low fat clearly printed on the label.

I'll tell you how I discovered the hidden fat-free options in the grocery store.

My son and I love eating food wrapped up in a tortilla. It's usually cheaper and more convenient to turn a sandwich into a wrap. Usually its healthier too. the first time I went shopping while on the Uber Low-Fat diet I bought the $4.00 - 97% fat free tortillas... you only get 10 soft taco sized tortillas and they still had 2 grams of fat per serving... by my calculations I would have only 4 more grams to add to any meals where I used these tortillas.  There's a lot I can do with 4 grams of fat... but there is even more I can do with 5 grams.

On my second trip to the grocery store I had to restock my son's tortillas... by sheer habit I flipped over the store brand tortillas and what to my shocked little eyes did I see but 1 gram of fat per serving... a serving being 1 tortilla. This was HALF of what the 97% fat free ones had.... and it was a 1/4 of the price!!!!

so I began to wonder... what else am I passing up because I am not turning the package around and checking for my self.... turns out a lot!

Everything from soup to shrimp!

Most of the "heart healthy" and "light" soups that I looked at were still carrying around a ton of fat. Most people don't see 9 grams per serving as a ton but when you are limited to 6 grams per MEAL... well you get the idea. Also these so called "light" soups were mostly limited to chicken flavors and let me tell you something; after 3 weeks of "Chicken and whatever" it gets real old. I wanted MEAT!

After the incident with the tortillas I started turning around everything... and guess what I found!

There are a MILLION options!

Don't be afraid of regular food! Spend a few extra seconds and turn everything around... The Total Fat is always listed.

Happy Counting Folks!