Monday, November 12, 2012

Eating Out - Fat Free Style!

I have researched all of my favorite restaurants. And I have been thoroughly disappointed that 99% of the time my only uber low fat option (anything less than 5 grams per serving) is a dry salad. It is because of this that I have opted out of going out to eat anymore.

However before GB-Day I promised my son that if he did not have any behavior issues at school (talking out of turn, being a pest, etc) for one whole month that I would take him to Cici's Pizza. They have more than just pizza on the buffet. They have salad and pasta as well...

Since pasta with red sauce is generally low-fat and since a dry salad with no animal products (cheese or egg) is non-fat I figured I would eat a big salad and a bowl or two of pasta. Once we got there though I remembered that they have a policy that if there isn't a pizza on the line that you want they will make it for you... and they are even willing to customize it. So I immediately got out my handy dandy white iPhone 4s in its protective CaseMate commuter case and pulled up the nutrition info for Cici's... I found out something fun.... They're Veggie pizza is only 2 grams of fat per slice... I did some quick calculations and by leaving off the cheese and the olives (all olives are super high in fat) I could probably cut that down to 1 gram or maybe even 0.5 grams... BOOYA!!!

So I went up to the manager who happened to be working the line and I asked... "can I order a veggie pizza but with no cheese and no olives?" He says, "How many slices would you like me to deliver to your table?"

I immediately did a little happy dance in my head (because a grown ass chubby girl doing the happy dance in public is a little weird). About 10 mins later I had 2 glorious slices of pizza delivered to my table. ahhhhhh

So a GREAT BIG shout out to Cici's Pizza for having some uber low-fat options and for being awesome enough to take weird requests from customers.

PS if you forget to pack your fat free dressing in your hand bag (or if you're a dude in your man-purse) the trick to making a dry salad tasty is pepperoncinis. One small slice with each bite of salad helps kick up the flavor. Add anything you want to your base of leaves but keep clear of the cheese, eggs, and olives... all of these are way too high in fat and you can tend to go over board when putting them on a salad. Oh and if you can get a bit of the pepperoncini juice to sprinkle over your salad its a huge bonus!
The Savior of Dry Salads everywhere

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