Great Links

This list of links will be an ongoing project. If you have found a resource that I don't have listed here just send me an email and after I review it I'll add it to the list.

Diet, Nutrition and Cooking:
For anyone who has to manage their Gallbladder disease with diet I feel for ya. It sucks. fortunately I found a TON of websites that helped me to create a fun and varied diet plan. I promise that you are not doomed to a life of "Chicken and (insert other ingredients here)" soups.

Nutritional Value -  Hands down the best damn resource out there. you can search damn near every food available in the world.... Most fast-food places have their items listed here.You can even look up alcoholic beverages!

NDL/FNIC food composition - the government's attempt to be like

Low Fat Cooking - is just generally a great resource for any thing. At Low Fat Cooking most of the recipes list the total fat grams at the end of the recipe. If you are like me and are being militant about not going over 3-4 grams of fat per meal this is a god send!

Nutrition Data - Self - You have to sign up for a free account, and occasionally you get spam from them, but if you are trying to create your own recipes or modify existing recipes to meet your fat intake limits then you should just bite the bullet. I personally don't use it that often, but it has come in handy

Health and Information:

Wikipedia - gallbladder disease -  because everyone needs a Wikipedia link

University of Maryland - probably the most comprehensive article about gallbladder disease and all of its treatments.

WebMD -  Start with their basics and then read all of the other articles from them about Gallbladder disorders. There is some great info and some really eye-opening facts. -  This guy does talk show here in my hometown of Las Vegas, NV. Any of the supplements I talk about in my blog I got either from him or were recommended by him. He is a leader in the industry of nutritional supplements and alternative health treatments. - There is some good general info here but nothing spectacular

Research and Development:

unfortunately I have only come up with ONE link for this section - GIRF provides funds for equipment, laboratories and support of investigators and young physicians in the University of Chicago GI Section, a group of full-time dedicated doctors who seek solutions to all kinds of gastrointestinal illnesses, affecting the esophagus, the stomach, the small intestine, the large intestine, the liver, the gallbladder, and the pancreas.

The Worst Links ever: - whoever runs this site is a fear monger and the worst kind of capitalist (I'm a Libertarian so that's saying something) all of his cleanses and pills and special meal plans were made up by him (I say him but it could be her). Some were blatantly stolen from other people. Whatever you do DO NOT buy into this guy's shtick. You can get good quality dietary supplements from your local supplement store, and only you know what your gallbladder can handle. Create your own meal plans and diet. You get to eat more of what you like and you don't have to hunt around for ingredients you've never even heard of.

Some Blogs and Testimonials from others like us!

My Stupid Gallbladder! - Funny blog but its final post was in 2009... you can read the whole thing from beginning to end in an afternoon. Its a sobering look at gallbladder disease

The New Homemaker - Her trip through the disease was summed up in a single ten minute read. She found everything that I have found. Its a good read!