Monday, October 8, 2012


In the past I have found that blogging can help me get through tough situations. Like Dating.... Which, by the way, sucks big hairy gallstones.... I may occasionally use profanity in this blog. And that's OK because I am an American and I have the right to free speech. I once thought I had the right to quality health care too but I was soooooo wrong! (more on that later)

The purpose of this blog is to document my journey with Gallbladder Disease. Most people right now are thinking "Why is there a journey? Is it a long walk to the Surgery Center?" Alas no... you see I am one of the millions of Americans who does not have health insurance, and because of that I can not have the simple, quick laparoscopic surgery to remove the offending organ.

SO... I must now go on a journey of fear and gram counting that will hopefully culminate in my only seeing the inside of an ER once a year (that's about how long I think it will take to pay off each visit).

My travel to the path of searing pain and eye popping vomiting (I'll post a pic in a future post) started about 6 months ago:

My period started getting a little funny...

May2012: I'm starting to notice that the watch-setting regularity of my monthly flow is beginning to fluctuate (I thought about saying "noticeably fluctuate" and then I realized that was redundant). Not by a day or two but five days... maybe a week. All the ladies in da house can tell you that your period is always the first sign of impending doom...

June2012: I miss my period.... I'm not too worried since I have been known to miss one or two especially if I am under a lot of stress... and let me tell you May was a stressful month. A big project at work culminated into an EPIC fail and I was seriously worried that the new business consultant hired by my bosses was going to dump the whole thing on my head. (thankfully that did not happen)

July2012: a month of serious stress... another missed period and a week long stress ball that involved lugging around lots of broadcasting gear (I'm in radio) while wearing 6 inch heels and rocking a killer set of booty shorts (the only time radio people dress up is when they are doing live remote broadcasts). My friends are beginning to tease me that I may be preggers... Which would be an act of god considering my boy-friend has had a vasectomy for the last 34 years which is exactly two years older than I am! (there sure a lot of parenthesis around here) (oh yeah and there is a 22 year difference in age between me and the BF)

I schedule a visit to my doc (at the low-cost clinic because I do not have health insurance and therefor can not see a real doctor) to explain my flo problems and he seems to think that they stem from my "weight issue". Yes I am "over weight" however EVERYTHING else is perfectly healthy. I eat healthy and I do not live a sedentary lifestyle (virtually impossible to do when you are the single mother to a 6 year old boy and in a long distance relationship with the best guy on earth whose sex drive rivals that of every 20something I know). I get plenty of sexercise!

So Dr. Thankyoucomeagain sends me off with an admonishment to eat right and exercise more and Aunt Flo will return. "Stop being a fatty you fatty mcfatty"

thanks.... jerk

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