Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ouch... that hurts!

Two weeks go by and everything is going along swimmingly!

I have stopped bleeding and resumed my normal life. No more worrying about carrying and entire box of tampons with me everywhere I went. I was experiencing some serious hot flashes and fatigue but who the hell cares! I wasn't bleeding anymore!

Wednesday September 26th, 2012
approx. 9pm: The upper right side of my back started to hurt.
9:30pm: the pain is beginning to get worse and starting to wrap around to my front....
10:00pm: My mom is up and I am in some serious pain. I thought maybe if I had her pop my back it would be some relief. I couldn't even lay down on on my front so she could try
10:30pm: I call my BF and tell him what's going on. He's the smartest person I know so he should have an answer...
11:00pm: I have taken 4 motrin and am leaning on my heating pad. BF thinks it might be that I have pulled a muscle or strained it some how.
12:00am: the pain starts to subside and I finally get to sleep

Whew.... that was intense but nothing I couldn't handle with some motrin and a heating pad

Sunday September 30th, 2012
6:00pm: I am working on pre-show prep for my radio show. I start to notice that my upper right back is getting a little twingey (that's a technical term)
7:00pm: we go live and immediately my entire upper right side spreading down to just under my rib cage is on fire!
8:00pm: still on air and making it through our interviews... still in pain but it's intensity is rolling up and down (a lot like contractions do)
9:00pm: still on air and now I am clock watching... I never clock watch when I am on air. My co-hosts all think I might be having a gall bladder attack... or gas
10:00pm: Show is finally over... I zip home all the while trying to rip a nice big fart because if it is just gas I can hopefully relieve it that way. (also I am praying that I don't shit my pants on my way home but if I do its ok since I am the only one in the car)
11:00pm: after some more motrin and heating pad therapy pain is finally subsiding
12:00am: once again I am finally relieved enough to sleep

Again... intense but nothing I couldn't handle. I'm a tough broad. I have a very high threshold for pain and can put up with a lot more than most people.

Monday October 1st, 2012
I had my follow up with Dr. GreyGyno. I explained to him everything I was going through after having been on the hormones. I was constipated. I had a bad flare up of my eczema on my hands and feet. and then I described the odd pain that had happened twice...

He says "oh that's probably your gall bladder. Hormones will affect a gall bladder that is already having troubles and cause it to get sludgy. We're taking you down to half of the dose of hormones that you have been taking and that should help out quite a bit."

hmmm interesting. Being the research nut that I am I began researching a sludgy gall bladder... its an interesting read. But alas I felt like I was in the clear. It was just sludgy... dialing back my hormones would stop it. I would be just fine....

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