Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lean on me.. oh wait... nevermind

I have mentioned a few times that I live with my Mom. Now don't get me wrong.. my mom is awesome, most of the time. But she suffers from a very common ailment Boy-itis. When my mom doesn't have a boyfriend she is 100% focused on her family and friends. There is nothing she wants more than to help people in need. In short my mom is a SAINT when she is single.

Enter... The Boyfriend... they have ranged in size and personality over the years and the most recent incarnation of The Boyfriend is my favorite... He's fun and considerate and he genuiely enjoys making my mom happy. I like him. A lot.

What I don't like is that once mom goes into "girlfriend-mode" she completely looses her senses. She goes from "I promise that I can be home every Sunday so you don't have to get a babysitter" to "How am I supposed to live my life if you expect me to be home every Sunday" in less than 10 seconds. This is not an exaggeration.. Both of these conversations happened... and they happened less than a month a part.

Mom... *sigh*

So let's get back to the conversation about money... Mom told me that she had $400.00 I could have to help pay for the medical bills... this was on a Thursday. On Friday (the next day) I had my Ultrasound.... I went from $300.00 in my wallet to $175.00. I still had to come up with $390.00 for my biopsy the following Tuesday. (don't forget about gas in the car and food on the table too)

Friday night My mom strolls into the the living room and handed me $100.00

"I'll give you another $100.00 next friday"
"but... but my biopsy is on Tuesday... you said you had $400.00 you could give me.."
"Well I only took $100.00 out of the bank.... I'll give you more later"

I was very much a state of shock....

I sat in said state of shock for a few hours... then mom came back and handed me another $100.00..

"Here that's all I can give you... I'm going out of town this weekend"

that was the end of the conversation...

now... lets do some math:
on hand: $175.00 + from mom: $200.00 = $375.00
$375.00 - medical bills: $390.00 - gas: $40.00 - two weeks of groceries $100.00 = -$155.00

Looks like its time for me to go put on my hooker shoes... momma needs to pay da bills kids....

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