Monday, October 29, 2012

My EYE!!!!!!

So.... I spent the evening vomiting and moaning and begging for relief. My boy friend had noted in the middle of this ordeal that I seemed to have broken a few blood vessels in my eyes during the whole ordeal...

After I got home and slept for a few hours I got up and sent my mom to the store to get my Percocets. I went to the bath room and nearly fainted when I saw my face...

I was puffy and slightly yellow (due to the bile back up) and my eye... MY EYE!!!!!

It was awful! Horrible! I was totally freaked out by it! When my son got home later in the after noon he took one look and said "Mommy... your eye is gross" Gee thanks kid... it took almost twoo weeks for it to completely clear up. and during that whole time it turned many alarming shades of yellow and orange... I do work in radio but I am mostly the Executive assistant... so I have to talk to clients and personalities and I act as a receptionist and greet people at the front door.... Lucky for me My boss forbid me from coming in on Friday so I had a whole weekend to go from a solid red eyeball to a fall colored eyeball... Reds, Yellows, Oranges... it was very festive.

Most of my personal clients did not mention anything but our production director said... "you know at first I thought I was seeing things... but when I looked a second time I was like.. yuck"
seriously guys I know its awful....

here is what it looked like 8 days later:

Pretty colors
Mostly cleared up... like I said it was almost a week after this shot before there was no more noticeably red, yellow or orange streaks in my eye. I am glad to say that as of about five minutes ago my eyes look like this:

Crazy eyes!!!
 I did the crazy eye thing so you can really see my eyes.... ahhhh and its super funny and I am sooooo changing my facebook page header to this!! LMAO

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