Friday, October 12, 2012

5 Days Later

5 days after I began taking the progesterone I was worried... my uber heavy flow had lessened but not gone away. What could this mean!?! Why have I been bleeding for over a month now!?!

Because I have to go to a low cost clinic I can not just make an appointment for the next day... sometimes not even for the next week.... I was lucky to get an appointment within a week of finishing the last dose of progesterone. The last day of the progesterone my flow came back with a vengeance!

the flood gates were torn asunder and Moses ran for fucking cover! I began bleeding through a Super Tampon every 45 mins to an hour. This is not an exaggeration I swear.

WAIT A DAMN MINUTE... what has any of this got to do with your gallbladder?

Patience grasshopper... remember this is a journey...

The cramping was terrible and the mood swings were wild and totally unpredictable. I was living in fear of myself and what maybe happening.... 

My family... lets just say that they are not the most supportive of people. With the exception of my youngest sister. She is amazing.. broke like me but amazing... My BF was back in So-Cal (where he lives) during all of this and could only be emotionally supportive.

ok... back to Aunt Flo and her screaming amazonian rampage through my uterus. I go back to Dr Thankyoucomeagain and he basically shrugged his shoulders and said "lets try another round of the pills, if they don't work you need to get an ultra sound and a biopsy of your uterus".


Jesus Christo.... now I am bleeding like the proverbial stuck pig, taking hormones, raising a 6 year old, juggling work, juggling my other work, juggling yet more work from a different job and I may need a biopsy!?

I'm only 32 years old and when someone starts throwing words around like "hemorrhage" and "menorrhagia" and "biopsy" only one thing comes to mind..... the BIG C

yeah I was totally freaked out. to say the least.

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