Monday, October 22, 2012

Ovaries are Under-rated

Quick Catch up....
Sunday - My Boyfriends back!! YAY
Monday - I am totally stressed about my visit to the Gyno
Tuesday Morning:
I rolled into the parking lot of the Doctor's office and parked. My Boyfriend was with me. I was ready... I was poorly under funded (I had my fingers crossed that magically the cost was going to go away) but I was ready for anything the Doctor could throw at me. 

I checked in and took a seat. I filled out the ream of medical history questions that goes with all first time visits to a doctor's office and turned it in. The girl behind the counter called my name and started asking all the standard redundant questions. She got to the one about insurance:

"Who is your insurance provider?"
"I don't have insurance"
"Oh well then your office visit fee is half off. Anyone who pays cash gets a 50% discount"

I paid my half-off fee and sat back down next to my boyfriend. It took me a moment to process that bit of info.

I turned to TMABFE (the most awesome boyfriend ever) and said "did you know that they charge insurance companies twice as much as they do cash paying clients?" I was shocked... he was not. Mostly he was not shocked because he is a complete skeptic and doesn't trust anyone any further than he can toss a Higgs Boson.

We bantered back and forth a bit and he handed me the magazine he had brought with him. (I can't remember which one but it was probably Guns and Ammo 'cause he's boss like that). And he says "Don't you hate it when you get a new magazine and all those silly cards fall out?"
"Yeah its totally a waste"
"Here check out this magazine"
"What.... is it full of them?..."

and from the middle of the magazine and into my lap falls a bright yellow envelope; inside is a get well soon card... *sniff* it still makes me tear up a bit when I think about it...

They call my name... I follow the nurse back and go through the SOP.. weight, blood pressure, temp...
then I am walked into a room and given one of those ass-less gowns and told to strip from the waste down. Finally in walks my Gyno... he's the most adorable little white haired dude....

Great... I'm going to get a full service exam from one of my grandfathers friends.. oh and he brought with him a student doc. "see how when I poke right here the muscle tightens up... don't poke there"

I'll spare you all the gory details and skip straight to the great reveal:

Based on my history, the ultra sound, my CBC levels (I had those done at Dr Thankyoucomeagain's) and the fact that my Uterus appears to be just fine; The fabulous Dr GreyGyno deduced that my ovaries have stopped working... not uncommon in a woman going through menopause. Very uncommon in a woman who is 32.

Basically rather than slowly going through the process leading up to menopause during my 40's or 50's I have slammed right through it in less than 6 months at 32... and because of that my uterus went on strike and refused to hold onto any of the endometrium lining it was producing it.

Normally he would just go in and take out everything and then put me on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) but since I am hindered by not having insurance the next best option is to trick my body into thinking that everything is still hunky dory through pills.

First a round of pure estrogen to get me to stop bleeding and then birth control pills to force my body back into a regular hormone cycle. For the first part of that cycle I was going on Commando Dose. Double the normal amount... so rather than taking a single tiny pill in the morning I was taking one in the morning and one at night.

Guess what.... I stopped bleeding and everything was AWESOME! 

Also it turned out I wasn't going to need that biopsy after all.  But it was still a good thing that Mom gave me that money... turned out my medications where not cheap.... over $100.00! Thankfully though I had enough money to fill the gas tank and put food back in the pantry.

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