Monday, October 15, 2012

Money Don't Grow on Trees... and neither does health care.

Damn it all to hell...

I walked out of my doctors office (giggle) with another prescription for progesterone, a referral for an ultto ra sound and a referral to my first REAL doctor in a few years... a Gynecologist who doesn't work for PP (planned parenthood). 

Knowing that I don't have insurance and that I have to pay for all of this out of my pocket I began calling around and getting the pricing on the ultrasound and the biopsy. 

here is what I found out:
Ultrasound: $125.00


 Office visit: $165.00
 Biopsy: $225.00

Yeah the Gyno wanted me to have an office visit BEFORE I got the biopsy done..

"But Why? If my doctor thinks I need one why can't I just come in and get it done?"
"Because OUR Dr wants to make sure you actually need one"

great... lets see that's $515.00 right at that moment I had $300.00 to my name and I still needed to get gas, groceries, and pay for the after school karate class that I promised my son (and that I have been saving up for).

Have you ever had to sit down and explain to a 6 year old that although you have been promising him for months now that he can take karate classes, you can no longer fulfill your promise? Try it sometime. The disappointment in their eyes will absolutely crush your soul.

I live with my mom... not because I am some loser who doesn't want to leave home but because after I got laid off I could only find a part time job that paid moderately well... not nearly enough to support myself and my son... The option opened up for us to move in with my mom and I jumped... he could live in a good house (rather than a homeless shelter) and go to a good school (or what I thought was a good school) and I would be able to save up some money and hopefully get either a raise or more hours so that I could afford to move out. I told you all this because:

My mom walked in while I am tearfully trying to explain to my son that he didn't do something wrong, but that Mommy is sick and needs to use the money for his karate class so that she can go see a doctor. 

When I was done and had sent my boy off to play in his room my mom says to me:
"sometimes the kids have to sacrifice so that the parents can provide for them"

Then she offered to help me out. She said she had $400.00 I could have to help pay for all this and I wouldn't need to worry. *Phew* I was finally relieved.. a bit...

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